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Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone

Iridium GO!™ is a compact, rugged and portable unit which creates the first ever, reliable, global connection for voice and data communications on up to five smartphones, laptops or tablets.

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The Iridium GO!™

The Iridium GO!™ is a satellite connected, mobile access point & hot spot for up to 5 devices.

Who Uses the Iridium GO!™?

  • Anyone out of cellular range
  • Pilots, boaters and truckers
  • Adventurers and explorers
  • Remote residents and vacationers
  • Emergency and first responders
  • Global and business travellers
  • Global enterprise
  • Executives and diplomats
  • Foreign missions
  • Government and NGOs
  • Military operations
  • M2M applications

Simple to Use

How simple? Just flip up the antenna! The GO!™ will quickly connect  to the Iridium LEO satellite constellation—so you can create an anywhere Wi-Fi hotspot within approximately a 30.5-meter (100 foot) radius.

Verstaile Communications Hub

The GO!™ supports the many ways you communicate.

  • Voice calls
  • Email access
  • Applications 
  • Social networking
  • Photo sharing
  • SMS two-way
  • GPS tracking
  • SOS alert


The GO!™ easily fits into your pocket and is built to withstand any situation that you or Mother Nature can conjur up.

  • Carry it in your pocket
  • Mount it to your vehicle (car, truck, boat or airplane)


Bring global connectivity with you wherever you roam. The GO!™ is also a robust and powerful platform created and optimized for Iridium partners to build apllications.


The GO!™ is compatible with the Apple® iOS and and Android™ mobile operating system and supported by affordable Iridium plans to help keep your voice and data costs reasonable.